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F-7ME Iran for WOI and WOE

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F-7ME Iran for WOI and WOE

F-7ME IRAN (Fiction)






In the 1980th the F-7M was a modernized export version of the chinese J-7II.

With the help of US american and british companies the Chinese put new avionics into the old airframe. Mainly the british Skyranger rangefinder radar and a HUD, but also an improved engine and 4 instead 2 wing hardpoints increased the combat capabilities of this bird. The F-7M was exported to Iraq, Egypt, Iran and other 3. world contries.


In the late 80th, early 90th the chinese developed the J-7E version with double delta wing, increased fueltank volume and ecm jammer. The new wing, which was fitted with slats improved the agility of the plane by 84%. It can now turn with a rate of 25°/sec.


The F-7ME is fiction. It is a iranian F-7M updated to J-7E level.



This mod is made for WOI, but will also work with WOE.








The LOD file is made:



by 101TFS



The flight model is made :


by TK

and modded

by me



The Cockpit is made



by Mago (Paladrian)




The HUD and the Radar are a mod of my F-20A radar and HUD.








-Unzip all files into your objects/aircraft folder.






For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use the forum or send me a PM.










Hope you enjoy it.



Michael (Gepard)



Made in Germany

December 2011


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