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Computer Crashed a little help please with HITR

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I bought the Hat in the Ring Exp. on 23 Nov 2011 and do to my inept efforts I could not buy the insurance and almost lost my $$. But I think it was Olham who felt pity on this very old warrior and I got the download info and it was great.


However; soon there after my computer crashed and had to be sent back to Origin for a fix. Some how a virus had trashed my OS and other files ---so thier approch was to erase all of the hard drives and reinstall Win 7 and ship it back.


So here I sit trying to get back to my games. CFS-3 and the BHaH loaded just fine ( LOVE DISK ). I will only say that one of my other favorate games ( CIV-5 ) which uses Steam is going to be a bloody long mess to get it back.


To the point--- Is there any way to get my HITR to download. I just tried and it said that the time had expired. Some day maybe P4 will come as a DISK and will include HITR.


Thanks CW3SF

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Yes, OFF P4 will be a totally new OFF, with all the stuff of HitR included, plus so much more.

It will be on DVD in a üpackage, as far as I know.

So I'd suggest to wait for that - it can't be too long anymore.


The devs had made another download possible for you, but they also gave you the sound advice

to save your HitR download on an external drive or a DVD - simply because s**t always happens

when you don't expect it to.

I'm sorry for you - hold out 'till P4 is getting released.

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