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[Fictional] Dassault Mirage 2000BP

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[Fictional] Dassault Mirage 2000BP

A Mod of the Mirage 2000B from Amokfloo and JAT81500 to make it look like a fictional fighter for the portuguese air force.




According to EESP (European Economic Stability Protocol) signed in the middle of 2012 in Brussels by the 27 partners of the EU, the countries with a high rate of debt (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc.) had to execute all measures necessary in order to reduce their debts. In article 12 "About the defense of the homeland", the countries of the EU constituted that all redundant units had to be dissolved and the equipment to be sold.


Furthermore, the armies of the affected countries had to change their "non-european" equipment for european equipment. Portugal had therefore to sell their US fighterplanes and replace them by european ones. In exchange, the equipment will be cheaper than for standard customers from outside the EU.


The F-16s got sold to Norway. The mayor manufacturers of fighters in Europe were Dassault, Saab and the Eurofighter Corporation. The portuguese air force decided to replace the Vipers from the 301st with Gripens and the ones from the 201st with Mirage 2000B fulfilling in that way the need of a capable multirole fighter-bomber. Both planes started to be delivered at the end of 2012, being fully operational in the early 2013.


Portugal and Spain, in addition to several other countries, recognized the effectiveness of a digital camo and elaborated their own grey-scaled digital camo. While Spain will be using it on their next delivery of Typhoons, which will replace the F-18Cs of the Ala 12, Portugal will use it on their new planes right from the beginning.




1. Drop the folders into your MODS Folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.





3D model: Amokfloo, reworked by JAT81500.

Templates: Amokfloo.

Cockpit, pilots and fuel tanks: The Mirage Factory.

Skins: ludo.m54

Decals: ludo.m54 and Ghostrider883.

Sounds: Couby, Oxyd, Dassault Aviation.

Testing, ini tuning (mostly based on TMF's Mirage 2000 pack) and sounds importation: FDokal.

Hangar and loading screens : Gustav.


If I forgot anyone, let me know and I'll correct it asap.


Thanks to everyone on C6 and Combatace forums whom helped with this project.


Original readme is included.


Kindest regards




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