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SUU-23 loads as a center tank versus gun on F-4C/D in SF2 and SF2 Europe. In the loadout menu, gun pod shows SUU-23, but does not show in game play. I just reinstalled both SF2 and SF2-E and updated to NOV 11. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Your problem is very simple: somehow you are using an old SF1 style loadout ini file, which won't work with later SF2 F-4s models/ini files. Go to your mod folder, find the afflicted aircraft folders, and delete the loadout ini files. If you need to edit them for any reason, use the SF2 cat extractor tool to get them out.


In the old 3d models/ini files, the fuel tanks and gunpods shared the same external point. In the new ones, they have separate stations. This allows the fuel tank to be part of the 3d model, which allows fuel tank textures to be part of the aircraft skin. However, your installation is putting the gunpod on the fuel tank station, which activates the built-in fuel tank model. So, deleting your loadout files will force the game to use the stock compressed ones in the cat files, which should fix your problem.


The SUU-23 looks just fine in my SF2E installation :)

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