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another sf2 question about fake pilots

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If I have more than one aircraft that has a fake pilot mod, how do I get them both to go in without overwriting? can I just drop all of the fake pilot files into one fake pilot folder??

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Normally I use it like this:











The FakePilot is just an invisible model. And the SeatModelName is actually the part you want to add.

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working on this myself the FakePilot folder itself will stay the same(it just blanks off a pilot sitting in that position.) however the item you are adding itself will have to be duplicated for each different aircraft and any different skins if the object is a different color. example i am working on, the DECM on the intakes of late model F-4J Phantoms. i have one that mppd uploaded for a F-4J_74 that uses fairly stock USNGrey1 and Grey2 skins, as well as overall gloss gull skin that is the same top color. but for low viz grey and TPS i will have to make a different DECM (F-4J_77 and _80) with the proper color on the skin of the DECM. simply copy and rename the object you are working to add for other renditions of the aircraft. also rename the object in the aircraft data.ini. hope this helps you out.

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the FakePilot is always a FakePilot ... like was said above, it's the item being used as the seat that matters -- SuperZipper pylons, canards, etc.

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how many times do you plan on posting this, and necrothreading things from 3 years ago?



the simple answer is, you can't.


a more difficult answer would be "the aircraft parts don't move, so you have to add it via ini statements, even though the nozzeles won't move

Unless you build a brand new "what i" version of it with thrust vectoring nozzeles. The movements are all set as animations in the model itself, and cannot (really) be added to aircraft that don't have them

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tanks for your Great helps my friend, I have question :  for F-14D, I use this code in the DATA.ini file :







and use this codes to Controls.ini file:




















I Attach the Data.ini File for my F-14,that may be to show you what I need to chenge, this F-14D was made by mirage factory, (version :F-14SP_V121).

I chenged some parameter in this File and in the game when pull back the Joystick Thrust vectoring is working but only Afterburner Flames moving and 

I cannot make the Exhaust to moving with Afterburner Flames,how can I use the Fake Metods to do this?,Please, help me, its too important to me



INI Files.rar

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re-read my post above. your answer is there

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