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My daughter is going off to New Orleans in May and her passport is only valid 'till September so off we go to the post office with her application for a new passport.


One of our friends is a doctor and, therefore, qualified to vouch for Freya being who she says she is. Our friend has dutifully completed the necessary part of the application and signed one of the photographs on the back - "I certify this to be a true likeness etc." and dated.


We chose to take the application to the post office rather than posting it so as to use the "Check and Send" service. The lady checked the application and noted that one letter of our friend's address was crossed out and the right one inserted. This is not allowed. So......off to our friend with a new application form for her to complete her section and then our daughter completed the rest.


Off to the post office again. The lady checked over the application and said that "The date on the back of the photograph is last week. It has to be today's date".


Back to the surgery where the receptionist kindly took the envelope into surgery with our friend and she duly signed and dated a spare photo that was in the envelope.


Back to the post office - by now they were thinking of getting us our own desk.


The form was, once again, checked over and the lady said "Both photos have got something written on the back, the one that gets put in the passport should be blank on the reverse".


Now, if the photograph in question is the one for the passport what the hell difference does it make if it has an endorsement on the reverse side. It wasn't as if the impression could be detected from the front. I mean, she has been certified twice in two weeks as being who she claims to be. What more do they want? :fu2:


I will now tell my daughter to apply as an illegal immigrant and she will get a passport no problem.



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If I get that kind of grief Tranquillo, I'd have tried a different post office. Fresh face doesn't hurt and it doesn't feel like you're going round in circles - even if you are.


If 'blondie' in the clip had come in to see me, I'd have stamped her form straight away just to see her smile. :grin:

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Thank you, Olham - just what I needed to see :grin:

Flyby, you're right on both points.

It's the whole thing about having to jump through hoops all the time - it becomes wearing if you let it.

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I had something similar to that one Herr Olham... was stopped on the way to work one morning by a nice (ahem!) policeman when living in England he pulled me over for speeding until I pointed out that I was actually doing the speed limit for that section of road 60mph down to a 40mph I was doing 60mph in the area covered by the signs... So little officous bar steward that he was then gives me what we call a producer in England turn up to a Police Station within 7 days and show them your documents... What Nice Mr Policeman didn't know before he filled in the form (I let him fill in 80% of the form) was I had all my documents on me drivers license ownership documents etc etc as I had to renew my parking spot at work and this was a requirement at this point I pull out all the documents and he just stands there looking at me asking why I had not told him I had them to which my reply was a casual because you did not ask... took the guys number and reported him turns out from a friend on the force I knew that he was forever pulling this trick with motorcyclists he was not happy when I asked him to provide me a form to tell my boss why I was late for work... :drinks:

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