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I read the paper Wrench had posted on how to create a mod for WWII. I have a couple of questions.


1. Does it matter if you just use the SF2 merged installtion or should you tailor each mod with using SF2 Europe and Israel for the desert or just use SF2? I understand that you need to add the exapnsion packs so you get the appropriate aircraft.


2. Where do you find Objects, Terrains, etc? I know that some of these exist here at Combat Ace. Also the A team Skunkworks has a large assortment of WWII objects but most of them is for SF1 except the Gen 2 models.


My operating system is Win 7 64 with a 2.89 Quad Core 8 GB of memory and a Nvidia GE 570 video, SB Titanium Gamer sound card. I have suffiecient resources to run just about anything.


Oh, I did load SFG to work as Win XP as Adminstrator but will it work for the mods?


I appreciate any assistance as I really love WWII simulations and would love to incorporate it into my game play.


Semper Fi

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use the full-4 merged executable (SF2.exe). That (SF2 Full-4 meged) gives the most flexibility; even though all terrains are always available through each mods folder.


a very important thing to remember for and ALL stand alones, is that after every single patch, DLC or ahytning else from 3W, that exe will need to be created again (ie: delete the old one, copy/paste the SF2.exe, rename). However, that'll mean that the first time that mod folder's exe is run, it'll add back all the 'modern' stuff. Not a real big deal in deleting them again.


Geo's sight has a lot of WW2 vehicles:



they're also badly scattered around in the 1stGen Object D/L section. Terrains, of course, are here at CA.


be advised, that the DAT stuff needs serious reworking/overhauling both in the FM (08 stuff really don't work as advertised in SF2 -I don't give a damn what anyone says, they really DON'T), and the models are showing their age

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