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  1. Hi Wrench just want to let you know the decal file below is not showing the right fuselage insignia and other identifications.  Semper FiSF2 VF-114 F-4B (65) Phantom Skin/Decal Pack by Mytai 1.0.0

    1. Wrench


      can you send me a screenshot of the issue??? I never noticed anything during testing.


    2. flameout513


      hey Wrench please see attached screen shot


    3. flameout513


      thanks for the update

  2. Thanks Wrench I thought so but wasn't sure. I checked the knowledge base but no luck. Take care
  3. In SF2 the format for decals for aircraft is under Decals the mod name squadron and then D i.e. F-104G/333Sqn/D. When you look at the Decals for a ship or other ground object do you use the same format or do you not change what was initially in the file? i.e. CV-14/Essex/D
  4. sure why not adds to the weapons choice and more attack options
  5. Wrench sooooo sorry man I have done the not backing up my mods but have the system restore to delete selected files that is just insane! I have not upgraded yet and seriously don't think I will this time. I have a lot of Combat Ace files from others and you and I have my mods so if their is anything I can do to help just pm me and I send you whatever I can if it helps. Hang tight Semper Fi buddy Always Faithful we adapt we improvise but most importantly we overcome OOOOORRRAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
  6. I have the same problem sign in go to downloads oops sopmething went wrong message.
  7. Truly Gentlemen you have all out done yourselves the new look and system is just what makes this the best site. I know Wrench was involved but you still managed to excel! Semper Fi!
  8. none I know unless you install the German Bombsight file then its Delete key and move the aiming circle as explained in the file

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