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Tony data ini, for testing....

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Attached here is a new data in for the DATs Ki-61 Tony. This is for the Ki-61Ia Tony comes from the "Ki-61 Family Pak" by christian59 --->




it's set for just this one mark, right now, but is easily adapted to the others by a simple copy/paste of their original guns /Guns sections.

It would be advisable, if one DOES change the others, to rename the Tony_Data.ini to whichever mark is being modified (ie: Ki-61IIB_Data.ini, etc)



after downloading, you'll need to edit the Ki-61Ia.ini by adding these lines (just copy/paste them off this post)





this will allow for easy reversion, if for some reason you don't like this mod.


Please feel free to make changes/tweeks (which I'm sure a necessary). I personally feel the roll rate is low, so...do what needs doing. The canopy has been changed to a manual animation key (Shift/0 as always)


Post all fixes here.





edit: there IS an issue with the rolling radi on both main gears ... this is NOT fixable without them rebuilding the LOD the 'piviot points' for the main gear axles are NOT aligned with each other (this is a constand SF2 problem with older models) --do not f*** with the rolling radius, you'll cause irrevocable problems!!!

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