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Weather generator beta 1.0 by DiFiS

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Check this out:






What DiFiS wrote using Google translator describing his little tool:


---- Google

For myself, wrote a small program that helps you quickly create presets of different weather and immediately burn them to a folder with the game.

In the game, to see the weather change, simply press - "to start the mission over again."

Play around with the sets of clouds, their number, haze and immediately see it in the game.

You can create as many different weather, which will differ from each other. Each can have its own name.

To make this place any weather was in the game - it is necessary to include the name of the file in the weather mission. (CloudConfig = "my_name_of_Wheather\sky.ini"), and the mission to remove a file in binary format "my_mission.bin"

What is important - to set up weather does not require treatment included mods.

Well, or you can replace the standard names of weather (average, averagefog, heavy, heavyfog) - but then have to include the mode of mods. But the weather will be visible to your in-game as default '.


Convenient - all created a cloud can be lumped together or spread sets on folders. There is a handy preview of the clouds, so as not to get confused in choosing them. Also, every time the clouds are copied to the folder with the game, ie can not be afraid to remove by the weather or to experiment with them.


Below is an archive of the program, you can use at your pleasure.

This is until the first trial. Then add a bookmark to the program with even more customization of each forecast. You will be able to change the color of the sky, lighting, fog density near the ground in the morning, etc. I will make the automatic insertion of weather in any selected mission. But until then it is.

Just threw a small set of clouds I have already made. I plan to put here later than many other clouds that I already did.


For the work program's needs .Net 4



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I wonder if anyone is ever here...

I'll post some screens by DiFiS using his excellent new tool, anyway


Wallpaper generator! :ok:













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