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B5N1 Kate: Pearl Harbor & Midway Skin/Decals/Ini Set

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B5N1 Kate: Pearl Harbor & Midway Skin/Decals/Ini Set

Nakajima B5N1 Carrier Air Groups Skin Pak -- 2/5/09


"Pearl Harbor & Midway Attackers" The Bombers Part 2


This package contains a set of 6 NEW skins and decal sets for DATs B5N1 "Kate" carrier based torpedo/level bomber.


These skins are designed for a 'start of the war' time frame, up until approximately July/September 1942. Basically, up until Midway, although Shokaku and Zuikaku skins could probably be used up until the Battle of the Eastern Solomons and/or Battle of Santa Cruz time frame.


You MUST have the DATs Kate to install this pack to! Full instructions and stuff are in the enclosed readme. READ IT after unzipping


*works fine in SF2*


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