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Brewster B-339 Buffalo, ML-KNIL

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Brewster B-339 Buffalo, ML-KNIL

Brewster B-339 Buffalo, ML-KNIL, Pak For SF/WoV/WoE PTO Installs 1/8/09


This will allow you to re-create the Brewster B-339 as used the Dutch Army Air Force in the Netherlands East Indies, at the beginning of World War 2.


This is an INCOMPLETE mod, as it only contains the inis and skins and some other small parts needed to create a nationalized version of the Dev A-Team F2A (USN). The aircraft's LOD and cockpit folders are =NOT= included -- you will need to copy them over from the F2A to complete this mod.


2 new skins, from new templates I created (based off the originals by Gramps) are included. One is a more-or-less 'standard' RAF style coloring, with the Orange roundel (trindel??), and the other is more NEI-ish; done up in "Old Leaf", "Young Leaf" uppers and natural metal unders, with the Dutch flag roundel (rectangudel???).


Full instrucions in the enclosed read me - so READ it!!


*while designed for 06 level SF/Wo*, it is usalbe in 08 level SF/Wo*, and in SF2. However, the FM WILL need rebuilding for SF2. Fly Accordingly!!*


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