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Ki-61 Tony Family, Skin & Ini Pak

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Ki-61 Tony Family, Skin & Ini Pak

Kawasaki Ki-61 "Tony", Skin and Ini Paks, For SF/WoV/WoE PTO Installs

Thi package contains a reskin and cockpit/cockpit ini modification of the Dev A-Team's Ki-61 "Tony" .

You MUST have the Dev A-Team's Ki-61 Tony, and it's suggested also Christian59's "Tony Family Package" before installing this mod, as without it, this does you no good!! Having the DATs Hurricane 1 would be a good idea too, as the new cockpit ini will need it!


This package several skins for various Ki-61 marks, but no lods or cockpit are included. You WILL need the DATs Ki-61, and Christian59s "Tony Family Package" to apply this to.


SKins/decals supplied are for:


19 Sentai (screenie shown)

37 Sentai

105 Sentai (all 3 Chutai)


each is contained in a seperate zip, so you'll have some extracting to do. Each set contains it's own readme, so you'd be advised to read it.


Note: while desgined for SF/Wo* at the 06 level, it should be usable in 08 levels and SF2. Be advised, however of many FM issues that will need resolving. An experimental SF2 FM for one of these (disremember which) can be found in the SF2 PropHeads Forum, in this thread:




have fun!


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Hi Wrench - Where can I find Christians59 Tony Family Package or is the Ki-61 Family that package?


I added the A Team Ki-61 and have you skins package but I am missing some skins 224 Sentai, 68th Sentai, and 244 Sentai that are showig up in the aircraft ini files.



Semper Fi



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