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Herr Prop-Wasche

HPW Lighter AI Empty Weight Mod released!

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Greetings, Fliegers and flyers!


I am (finally) proud to announce that I have just uploaded my AI Empty Weight mod to the Downloads section of the forum. Once it has been approved by the administrators of this board, it should be available for download. I apologize for the delay in getting this mod out. Originally, I'd hoped to release this after I finished work on my revised FM mod, but unfortunately that project has taken me a little longer than expected. Although you can use my FM mod with this weight mod, I do NOT recommend you do so because the weights for the AI aircraft in the two mods are not the same. I will release a revised FM mod that will be fully compatible with this mod shortly.


As usual, this mod is designed to be installed using JSGME. If you have any questions or comments about the installation or use of this mod, please feel free to ask me on this thread.


Thank you and I hope everyone enjoys using the mod.


Edit: Whoa, that was fast! My mod has just been approved and you should be able to find it here: http://combatace.com...pty-weight-mod/

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Excellent! :good:


Thank you very much Herr Prop-Wasche!










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