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A-4Ku Skyhawk for SF2

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A-4Ku Skyhawk for SF2

A-4Ku Skyhawk (Kuwait AF) Update Pak


= For SF2, Any & All (Full-4 Merged Reccomended) =


*NOTE: usable in any and all SF2 versions that have access to the A-4F_78 lod and A-7D cockpits. Hence, the Full-4 Merged Reccomendation*


Based "loosely" off dtmdragon's SF1 port.


Completely new skins, from a Home Grown Template ™, and all new BuNum* decals (in fact, as usual, ALL markings are decals). The 2 skins supplied are, well, identical! Excepting the "Free_Kuwait" skin will automatically start in 1991, for ODS, and have the "FREE KUWAIT" fuselage banner decal.


The cockpit used, while not correct, does have pretty much everthing working as the A-4M this is based on should; research has pointed to them having the APR-53 radar, so I added it back. Therefore, 100% accuracy is NOT claimed for this mod.

Loadouts are pretty standard, dumb bombs and so forth. The aircraft is LGB capable, but no evidence has turned up the KuAF used Paveways. Canopy operates via the Standard Animation Key ™, Shift/0. All loadouts use stock in-game items.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them!




kevin stein


* yes, the KuAF birds carried their USN BuNums on the tail!

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