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Couple of SFNA Questions

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Hi community,


Sorry about my vagueness, I haven't been here in some time now.


Been playing NF since it's release, but there are just a couple of issues for me in the sim (or I am getting older....LOL). So, if anybody can shed some light please....



1. Some of the aircraft that I have imported had the ability to lauch anti-shipping type missiles, but they are not showing as available (A6, F-4N, Bucaneer) I am guessing an ini edit?


2. With my merged installs all of the other aircraft from all of the other sims appear in the selection list. Is there any way to stop this?


3. When flying in overcast conditions, I find it hard to differentiate a visible horizon. I know you guys are working on the ground tiles, will the new ones fix this?


4. (Finally!) have I seen that a new water map is being worked on?




Once again, thanks to all you Modders and you great work. Transforms this sim.



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1. Does the data.ini have ASM in the weapons section?

2. No. So I just delete them manually. This will also happen when you patch and add any DLC's.

3. I doubt the new tiles will fix this. But we will see.

4. Not sure about that.


Hope this is clear as mud. lol.gif

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