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  1. Hi community, Now, I have gone full circle with the sim. I've played all, modded up the wazoo, and had a blast. But now I have a simple question to ask please. I decided to install the original Strike Fighters 2 again, and I would like to play through the campaign, but what I would like to know, are there any repaints for the aircraft for the fictitious countries (Paran?) or must we play as United States? I'm especially interested in whether there are any desert type camouflages to suit the stock aircraft? Perhaps I've been looking in the wrong area of the site? It seems weird being over the desert and having European type cam on an aircraft. I've already added the Desert 3 mod, and it looks awesome, so is there anything else that you guys add? In the next few days, I will also make the MiG's flyable. Thanks in advance, as usual. AJ.
  2. OK, For anybody that would also like to do this, extract the COMMDATA.INI from the FLIGHT.CAT file, and drop that into your MODS/FLIGHT folder. Once in there, there is a single reference up the top to the text size, which by default is Arial, at 20 points. I have reduced mine down to 12 points. Much less intrusive without losing any clarity. Cheers, Andrew.
  3. Hi community, Sorry, I know that I asked this question a few years ago, but can somebody advise me of which CAT file I need to extract and modify to make the text for the radio calls smaller? (the option that is brought up with the TAB menu). Thanks again, Andrew.
  4. Hi Guys, Firstly, a Happy New Year to everybody for 2019! Wishing everybody success and happiness for this new year. Anyway, recently, I downloaded and installed Guuruu's beautiful Tornado GR1, and set it as my campaign aircraft in SF2 Europe. Seemed to work, but after 2 missions in, crashed the sim. Nothing in the event logs, just a black screen and back to Windows 10. I thought it might be a graphical issue, but I currently have a 6 Gig 1070 in the new PC, so I can't see it being a hardware or memory issue. If I just delete my existing campaign file, I should be able to start a new one with default aircraft, correct? Thanks once again to all of the awesome modders, and this great community. AJ.
  5. Hi community, Can somebody direct me to a download for the helicopter pilots (without o2 mask and visor) please? I've done a number of searches, and can't find anything. Thanks, AJ.
  6. So, After completing my current contract with the Jordanian Special Forces, I'm finally getting my act together and heading stateside. Going to test the waters so to speak in Dallas, Texas. Got an old military buddy there that I haven't seen for years. Due to arrive at DFW on 9/14/2018, so if anybody wants to catch up for a beer, drop me a line. Will be staying for 3 months, see if I can source some work. Can't wait! AJ.
  7. Hi mue, Sorry for the late reply, but I really appreciate your help with this topic. Many thanks indeed. Andrew.
  8. Hi community, One of my colleagues who does modelling for our real sim has dropped a couple of questions that I cannot answer, but perhaps some of you guys can (I only look after the hardware). Our simulator is based around a new simulator, which in turn is based around the Outerra engine. My colleague has done modelling before, but has mostly done modelling with an application called Oxygen, which our company will not allow us to use. So, as we are inserting aircraft, my colleague is curious to know which modelling programs this community uses, and also what the average poly counts are like. As well as this, is anybody here willing to share what scripting languages are being used to configure the models please? Tell me to bugger off if this is asking too much, but I have come here and asked this because this community is always so helpful. Thanks from Jordan! Andrew.
  9. Hi community, As of next Friday, I will probably not be able to be a part of this forum for about the next year, perhaps more. Recently, I scored a good job in the middle east. I'm not allowed to say where, but there is some degree of risk involved with it. As a result, I have to get my skates on and get moving, in a very very short time-frame. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank this awesome community. Even though so many of us have not met, there really is a feeling of "brotherhood" here. I am especially indebted to all of the modders out there that do such awesome work; you have kept this sim alive for so long with your extreme levels of talent. I would like to thank Wrench; for always having patience with me time and time again, when I ask questions that I should really know the answer to. And I would especially like to thank Dave. Man, I WILL get to the States one day, maybe 2019, 2020, or perhaps 2021. I also recently found a long lost buddy who lives in Texas and has touched base with me, so hopefully. I know that with this community, by the time I fly SF2 again, it will be a completely different sim. All the best guys, Andrew.
  10. F-15A Air Superiority Blue

    Thanks once again so much. Truly a work of art.
  11. Hi community, I have dropped the Harrier + into my mod folder for SF2NA, but I'm finding that my flight is starting on ships that have insufficient deck lengths to take off. I've installed the improved carriers pack from this site (thanks to all!) so does anybody know of a work around for this issue? Many thanks, Andrew.
  12. Thirdwire F-15A Eagle Hi-Rez

    Amazingly detailed, and takes the aircraft up to a new level in this sim. Always know how much your work is appreciated, thanks so much. Andrew.
  13. ...Thanks to this awesome community! Have been flying the usual SF2E missions, but using helicopters instead! Sure, I know that some of the missions cannot be flown due to aircraft range, but man, memories of the old days of Janes Longbow 2, love it! Has anybody ever considered setting up a map or a campaign for these kinds of missions? Something awesome about getting up close and personal to a T-72 and using a TOW missile! Thanks so much everybody!
  14. This community never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for all of your efforts. Andrew.

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