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P-47N Thunderbolt, WW2 PTO (by RussoUK)

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P-47N Thunderbolt, WW2 PTO (by RussoUK)

PTO P-47N Thunderbolt Pak


-- For SF2, Any and All (Full-4/5 Merged Prefered) --


Some various and sundry mods for RussoUK's late WW2 era P-47N-15 "Thunderbolt", bringing a bit closer for full SF2 usage.


The pak represents Thunderbolts as based on Ie Shima in mid-1495 to the end of WW2.


Several new/modifided inis are included, most important is my 90%-ish SF2 compliant data ini with many adjustments to the FM (more fine-tuning is required -- and hopefully somebody will do so!!). Drop tanks and the WW2 pilot figure are included. The canopy operates via manual animation key, the Usual suspect, Shift/0 ™. All lights are 100% correct.


3 skins/decal sets are supplied:


19th FS 318th FG

333rd FS, 318th FG (these 2 are original, with some decal modification)

463rd FS, 507th FG (new one by me!)


Decal randomization is set to TRUE for all skins.


As always, READ the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions. This package has been broken down into the various folders that SF2 needs, to make it a LOT easier to install (read: drag and drop).


Just another mod I had sitting on the HD, collecting stray electrons. Thought I finish it off, and get it out the door.


Good Hunting!!


kevin stein

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i guess all those in the 1stGEn WW2/Axis Aircraft and from the DAT don't count, huh?

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