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Atlantic Causeway from Falklands mod

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So I've been adding various merchants to my SF2NA install..

The MV Atlantic Causeway and Conveyor models from the Falklands Mod are very nicely modeled but they have a problem.

The ships must have been exported sideways from 3DS Max, so they sail perpendicularly/sideways...


I don't think it can be fixed with data.ini modifications, anybody have corrected models or access to the Max files?



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try placing them 'in port'!!! :lol: Gotta twist them around to fit the docks! Yes, they seem to have been 'launched' sideways!


think that's bad? try making the 'Soviet Freighter' from the original OTC operational ... it sail backwards!! :rofl: (could be a Russkie propaganda move ... by sailing backwards, maybe folks will think they're leaving???)

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