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SF2NA A-6E TRAM (aka "A-6E_79") Skin Pak 1

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SF2NA A-6E TRAM (aka "A-6E_79") Skin Pak 1

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A-6E TRAM (aka "A-6E_79) Skin Pak 1


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged Required; and/or SF2:NA -ONLY!!- =


Again, as stated above this is for the stock 3rdWire A-6E_79 ONLY!! If you do not possess SF2NA, DO NOT download this mod, as you will =NOT= be able to use it.


The skin pak is designed to be used with my A-6E_79 Upgrade/Fixit/WhatHaveYou Pak, located here at CA at the following URL:




The shins herein are conversions from the 1stGen A-6E Tram by MontyCZ. I'm really not sure who created the original skins/decals, but suspect it may have been Paul Nortness. The Lo-Viz skins are new creations, from the TRAM template I created a few weeks back, and the stock 3W Gray/White skin is used for VA-128, so =ONLY= the decals are being reused.


The skins in this pak are:


=Standard GullGray/White:


VA-128 "Golden Intruders"


=In Lo-Viz:


VA-42 "Green Pawns" (called VA42lo)

VA-52 "Knight Riders" (called VA52lo)

VMA-533 "Hawks" (called VMA533lo) as seen during Desert Shield/Storm when based in Bharain.


There is no "StartDefaultDate=" line for the Lo-Viz skins, as yet. When more have been created/converted, then it's suggested to add that line to the textureset inis with the date of 1985. That's a fair apporximation of the transition. For now, you'll just have to

select them from the drop down on the loadout screen.


Some of the decals have been modified from their original form to give a better 'fit' on the 3rd Wire model. To that end, some will notice the checks on the rudder for the Hawks is a seperate decal, whereas it was a single piece before. For the "Knight Riders", I've tried as best as possible to get the notch on the knight's helmet to line up with the position light (same as in Real Life; the light represented the Knight's eye).


Decal Randomization is set to TRUE, but be advised of some oddities; these may be caused by the lack of a full squadron's numbers (TK has always reccomended a minimum of 18) or something odd induced by NA or 3/2012 patch. I personally suspect it's the lack of numbers.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them before installing!


Happy Landings, and Good Hunting!


kevin stein

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