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Bogus bingo fuel calls... what to do?

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So this happens quite a bit and has for quite some time- All aircraft in flight have the same load out, Im showing 90% fuel we are closing on the bad guys who are maybe one hundred miles out and I start getting these bingo fuel calls, after which my guys continue to follow but wont engage. Could I get a little advice on what parameters I need to adjust to get the my AI team mates behave? Thanks.




Ran some more tests but still can't figure out why I'm getting the bingo calls... weird.

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Are you sure Hawkeye doesn't run a number draw on a secret channel?


LOL... not sure of much right now because Ive been down with the flu for the last 2 days so my post might not have made much sense to any one but me. Looks like it was the engines ( P&W 1120) TSFC values being out of whack, just ran a mission with the fuel consumption values adjusted and had good results. For some reason it affected the AI birds but did not show on my fuel gauge.

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