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  1. Interesting .... I like this. I do have a full CH pro HOTAS setup, but Since I have little time to fly these days having some of the commands clearly labeled on a tablet has a certain appeal.
  2. What a bunch of crap, sorry you had to deal with those a-holes. :(
  3. Bring on that F-108 :) Looking forward to that.
  4. Meh he put the Kiev and AHM'S in SF2NA. It is problematic to me that he blames the modders .... seriously they have done more to put money in his pocket than he is willing to give them credit for.... and they do it out of love for the sim. It comes down to standards and pride in your work and that is the bottom line. He was really on to something with SF2NA if he had taken a bit more time to refine it and promote it he would have had a lot more sales. There are a lot of great and talented people here that would have helped him to achieve greatness with his games at a moderate compensation, out of love of the sim. In my opinion the gentleman is trapped in a limiting belief system.
  5. 1956 Wyvern S4 target hit.

    what terrain is this?
  6. Seems to me like it would just be better to port the aircraft over as DLC. The android version of the game offers nothing that the full PC game does not do better.
  7. Who's going to be the new President?

    I couldn't bring myself to vote for the turdsandwich.... I went with the giant douche instead.
  8. OMG that is funny.... just sprayed my beer across my monitor.
  9. montecz had a work around: http://combatace.com/topic/45058-hey-i-have-artillery-firing-over-the-horizon/
  10. That was a great mission editor... In some ways I liked it better than the third wire mission editor. We could really use an updated third party editor that has the SF2NA naval group and mission type functionality.... that reads terrain tiles and zooms in on tiles for precise object placement and routing coordinates . Imagine convoys that precisely follow the roads on every tile as you plotted them.
  11. It is this one that is built with Stary's tiles + the original formosa + wrench's target area upgrades http://combatace.com/topic/56852-gepards-formosa-strait-visual-update/ http://combatace.com/topic/57672-formosa-upgrade-2-airfields-fixes-other-small-tweeks/ http://combatace.com/files/file/6723-formosa-strait-terrain-version-10
  12. I get CTD's in trying to load target areas in the Formosa terrain.
  13. If i could make one small request it would be refined terrain flattening controls... in order to place airfields and such with out having to use the TW terrain editor.
  14. Pretty sure It is referencing cockpit parts from the old wings over series lods. They were all renamed with the advent of SF2. Why don't you just grab the new MF F-14 and save your self a lot of trouble.
  15. I'm BACK!

    Nice good to see you again at CA :)
  16. The target area editor did not work for me on the April 2012 patch. I use other installs going back to June 2010 for certain features that we lost with the newer patches I have yet to try it at the June 2010 patch level. i still need to test your other tools . Edit***** Tested with June 2010 patch seems to be working fine. :)
  17. My earlier post was back when I was running vista 64 bit when I switched to windows 7 64 I started having the picture in picture effect happening in game ... not just on the menu screens. For me on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit the fix was placing all files in the flight and menu folders and just the d3d9.dll and dxgi.dll files and log files in the main installation folder.
  18. It may be a terrain issue... i have a couple of terrains that were originally from series 1 most notably the Yap Vietnam terrain The height field is not right and the bombs fall short.

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