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SF2E: TSF: Midvintermörker

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SF2E: TSF: Midvintermörker

The Scandinavian Front: Midvintermörker

By The Scandinavian Front Team


On Boxing Day 2012, Sweden wakes up to a new world; A Sweden they have never seen before. A powerless and dark Sweden. A day everything changed. Sweden is under attack; Gotland is being invaded by Russian Forces and sabotage patrols wreak havoc in the major cities.


Försvarsmakten bets everything on one card; Operation Gudrun. They must repulse the Russians from Gotland or loose the Island forever.




If you are using a mod, or plan to use one, TSF will mess around with settings other mods may be using. As such, creating a seperate mod folder for TSF is a good idea. If you only plan to use TSF, then this step can be bypassed.


Go to your installation folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Thirdwire\Strike Fighters 2). Make a copy of Strike Fighters 2.exe / Strike Fighters 2 Europe.exe depending on what you prefer and got installed. Name the Copy Strike Fighters 2 TSF.exe . Start your new .exe once, then close the game.


Now go to your Mod Folders. For Windows 7/Vista, this is located in C:\Users\Name\Saved Games\Thirdwire. For Windows XP Users, it is usually in My Documents. Unzip the contents of the 7zip file into the mod folder of your choice. Allow any overwrites.


As long as this package is installed last, it can and should be merged with the other The Scandinavian Front packages.


Team TSF recommends Starys Tiles for the terrain. It looks alot better. Install it last; when all TSF packages are installed and working.

Link: http://combatace.com/files/file/12805-baltic-region-hr-tileset/




MiG-29 Fulcrum-C by The Mirage Factory

SU-27 by Marcfighters

JAS 39C/D Gripen by Gux, Update by CadeteBra

SU-25 Frogfoot by Nato Fighters Team (If anybody has a particular person they know made this, please contact me)

E-3A by The Mirage Factory

IL-A50 Mainstay by Velcro2K

C-130E By Dels, Skins by Paulopanz

SAMs by EricJ

Russian APC by EricJ

Russian Frigate by WhiteBoySamurai

Visby Class Corvette by WhiteBoySamurai

Carguero Cargo ship by BANIDOS Team, 3D Model:SUICIDAL, Skins: TORNO

Campaign by JonathanRL

SweStart.jpg ; Foto: Sergeant Johan Lundahl/Combat Camera/Försvarsmakten.

SweVictory.jpg; Foto: Sergeant Nicklas Gustafsson/Combat Camera/Försvarsmakten.

Försvarsmakten intro music by Sabaton



If I forgot anybody, this is completely unintentional and will be corrected. Just drop me a line and I fix.


There may be bugs, ladies and gentlemen. I cannot guard against everything. So you are my eyes and ears. Find them. Report them. Hunt their mothers. And we will destroy them.


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Thank you Jonathan :good: :good:


Just started an exclusive install for TSF.

I know it's not necessary but I think I will be installing all packages starting from OPIsbjörn 1.4, other campaigns and on top of them all the Midvinter pack. Plus Stary's sweet update!

Let's see how it goes..

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I know it's not necessary


By now, is is as I mess around with Nations.ini and such.


Remember to install Everything else, then Midvintermörker, then Starys Tiles. In that order.

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yes, my tiles go as last, first the basic pack, then the additional seasons

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Great campaign, thanks! I've wanted an excuse to fly the Gripen for a while now.


One thing seems to be missing, though-- I can't find the Frogfoot's TANK_SU25 in the package. Is it in a weapon pack somewhere else?

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I knew there was something missing from the Frogfoot; but I did not know what.


I lent it with permission from NF4+; so I suppose it is in there. Adding it to the list.


Great campaign, thanks! I've wanted an excuse to fly the Gripen for a while now.

Do not forget the practice missions ;-)

Edited by JonathanRL

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