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A question for the moders

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Hi my friends, today I have installed the F8A aircraft mod. it works fine, I would ask you is possible for this plane to have the default cockpit ( F8 original by thirdwire) and If this is possible


could anyone explain me how to do ?



Bye Ivo :good:

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yup, as simple as it gets ... nothing but copy/paste

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thank fo your fast reply I have to copy the file ini of the F8ini that is in the my...document...aircraft/F8c/ini ? and the cockpit folder in the F8A add on I must erase it ? bye

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just to be safe, as I'm the High Priest of CYA, rename the cockpit folder to xCockpit.


using the pointers in the main ini, will pull all the needed bits from the relevant ObjectData cat.


like so:






alos, what's up with all the odd-ball coding stuff at the top of you post??? Try not to use ANYTHING other than the stock fonts available here. We (the moderators) hate having to edit posts. Thanks!

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Hi I have seen that problem is the part yellow in the skin, see the picture ( red arrow) How I can do it trasparent ?

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cockpit may need repositioning.


pull the F-8C_Cockpit.ini from whichever ObjectData.cat it's in, put it in the F-8A folder, and match the positon of the pilot from the aircraft's data ini


like so (these are ONLY examples!!! not the real thing!)


data ini:


// Crew ---------------------------------------------------------





Position=0.0,5.42,0.75 <---this line!!









Position=0.0,5.56,0.75 <<--this line!!



some adjustments may still be necessary, either up/down, fore/aft but left/right should be OK


the numbers work like this:





0.0 is distance from center, in meters left or right

5.56 is distance from center, in meters, forward or aft (aft numbers have a minus sign -)

0.75 is distance from center, in meters, up or down (down has the minus sign)


there are alos some other odd entries, that may or may not be needed in the data ini. In the AircraftDAta section,

somethime this line is needed (in bold)














it's doubtfull here, so don't use it yet

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