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  1. This is a dream......I can't wait.....
  2. Hi to all, sophocles you are right...but I'm very very sweeeet, howewer I always hope.... Bye bye
  3. Thank Wrech but ( sorry for my english....can you or other to do it ?
  4. Hi here there are the immages to make in high resolution...I'm no able to do it....is there anybody that can do it ? Bye grrrr this message......Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file hovewer the file are in ObjectData018......
  5. Hi and thank for reply I have found the files with CAT File Extractor for Strike Fighters 2 Apr 2012 (747 KB) but now how I can re-pack the data archivio ?
  6. HI is there a rework cocpkit for F-16A the original is good but the left end right console are in low resolution is possible to have new console ? Bye
  7. Hi russouk2004 when your skin will be ready do you think to release it ?
  8. Hi is possible to have the skin like the black mirage in the movie sky fighters for mod TMF mirage 2000 ? Bye I have found a picture...
  9. WOW now I have done I have download from this tread http://combatace.com/topic/76377-help-with-fake-pilotcanards/ the folder Fakepilot.....but why the modder (ace888) haven't put it in your mod ? ( mortacci tua )... Bye and thank to all........

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