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A-7E (74) VA-72 Bluehawks skin pak -SF2/SF2NA

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A-7E (74) VA-72 Bluehawks skin pak -SF2/SF2NA

A-7E Corsair II (74) VA-72 "Bluehawks" Skin Pak

= For SF2, Full-5 Merged Required; and/or SF2:NA -ONLY!!- =


Again, as stated above this is for the stock 3rdWire A-7E_74 ONLY!! If you do not possess SF2NA (or other games that may have this aircraft accessable -cause I don't remember if it was or wasn't before!!!), DO NOT download this mod, as you will =NOT= be able to use it.


This is the companion skin for the recently released A-7E_74 VA-46 "Clansmen" skin. It represents the sister squadron, VA-72 "Bluehawks" both of whom were based aboard USS John F. Kennedy during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

These were to last 2 operational Corsair II squadrons in USN service, as the type was retired upon the JFK returning to port.


It is HIGHTY suggested you have the SF2/SF2NA Skin pak available at:




as there are some decals called that reference some in that pack. Several decals have been repurposed and repainted from an original FOTF skin mod for many year ago. Many new decals have also been created (note: the first 12 BuNums have been remade from the originals, and may actually represent aircraft that served with this squadron.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them before installing!


Happy Landings!

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