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Hello all,


For me personally I only know two ways to make a decal on aircraft.


1. Placing the decal on your .PSD file and make it part of the .BMP or JPEG file for the aircraft skin. This method require a good scale and quality decal so that it will look sharp and with good detail at all level of view in zoom in and zoom out.


2. Making a "D" folder (decal folder) with all the decals for the aircraft and have a "decal.ini" on your aircraft folder with the specific skin you want to have on that aircraft. In addition, having your 'DecalMaxLod=4' seem to be the best setting under the "decal.ini"


I have yet to purchase high quality decals for any of the aircraft skin I try to make. I use what I can find on the internet and try to upgrade them to the factual decal as much as possible or make the decals myself.


What frustrate me is the fact that using the #2 method always make the decals FLICKER when you view it from certain angle and at certain zoom range. How can one make the decal smooth and look merged with the aircraft skin without FLICKERING?


I like the #1 method because the decals does not flicker and it looks great on the aircraft skin, but this method does not always provide quality result unless you have the actual high quality decal at the right scale for the model aircraft. If not, the decal will be distorted or become blur?


Currently trying to learn 3d Max but still trying to improve on my skinning which I am still working on some project but at a very slow process due to work and family.


If anyone has a better technique on the skinning process please provide a detail post. Or a better skinning technique? Your sharing is greatly appreciated.





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