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Instal FE2 mods help

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Having fun trying to install FE2 and mods on my new computer. I installed FE2 okay then thought I would try installing the Il2 clouds mod.


I am stuck on step 1 which is finding the environment.ini in the Flight directory. It does not exist, my SFP1e utility will not unpack any cat files I have and in search of a more recent version of SFP1e I can across this instruction:-

Fortunately this is a relatively easy fix. You won't need the Weapons editor, just the SFP1e .cat extractor utility available at CA in the Utilities download section.


I have no idea what CA stands for or where the CA in the Utilities download section is, but I do hve SFP1e in my data files. When SFP1e did not work for me I did try changing the file association of the cat files in case that was my problem. Unfortunately I have managed to get them locked into open with notepad, so could some kind soul please tell me what the association should be please so I can change them back. I have tried uninstalling Fe2 and reinstalling it but the file association is not changing back.


Also is there a acronym and jargon free set of mod instructions for computer clutz's like me to follow? I know if I can just do one mod then it will all flow but got to get there first.

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