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[Fictional] McDonnell Douglas C-12C (F-4E)

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[Fictional] McDonnell Douglas C-12C (F-4E)

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Simple mod the stock F-4E_78 to make it look like a fictional

fighter plane for the spanish air force.






The spanish air force was thinking of replacing their F-4C-Fleet

with F-4E for some considerable reasons:


- The lack of a gun in combat would often be a problem once all

missiles are fired or the enemy got to close to use them

- Using a gunpod under the fuselage would reduce either firepower

(due to the lack of one pylon for bombs etc.) or range (same, but

for fuel-tank)


Carter's administration took the F-4Cs back, converting them into

QF-4C Drones for weapon testing and delivered two entire squadrons of F-4E. The first squadron, the 121st, received their planes in 1979

displaying the SEA camo. The 122nd received their planes six

months later, in 1980, featuring the two-tone grey camo.


The planes received the designation "C-12C", while the "C" stands

for "cañon" - spanish for cannon, referring this way to the chin-mounted gun.





1. Drop the folders into your Objects folder. If asked to

overwrite, click yes.





Thanks to Wrench and Dr.Doyo for the two-tone grey camo. And to

Stratos for the inspiration.


Big Thanks to Thirdwire for the games and the superb models they




Kindest regards




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