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Major Lee

Whatever became of Colditz Castle?

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I recently read the book "Escape from Colditz" just this year. I thought it was a good look into WWII POW life and their drive to escape.


I would have liked to have visited the castle itself. Germany is odd about WWII, so I think it's a good thing to allow it to stay open and share the stories.

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And what next? The Vietnamese tourist boom converting the infamous 'Hanoi Hilton' into a Helltown Hotel? "Enjoy the subtle Far Eastern reveille with bamboo sticks lashing your feet!", "Win the happy morning contest about who has the most weevils in his breakfast rice ball!"...

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Ehm, Colditz castle is at no means a good example for POW camp in Third Reich. In contrary. It was a special camp for western contry officers ( i hope this is the correct english term. At Colditz Castle were french, belgian, dutch and british Officers of higher ranks, no simple soldiers or sergeants). They had a good life there, because it was a "show" camp for the Red Cross. At Colditz castle POW's lived under the conditions of the Convention of Geneva. They had their own theatre and their own cinema. They got packages and letters from their relatives at home via Red Cross. If a POW attempted to runaway and was cateched again, he had not to affraid hard punishment, so that runaway attempts of british and french officers were their "kind of sports". It was a Gentlemens POW camp at Colditz castle.

In contrast to the "luxurity life" at Colditz castle over 2 million soviet POW were killed in german POW camps. The conditions for eastern european POW's were very bad.


Today Colditz Castle is a museum, i guess its perhaps 60 or 70km from my home. Already to GDR times, at the high tide of cold war, british traveler groups visited Colditz castle and this hasnt changed today.

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