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SF2E: TSF: Operation Isbjörn 1.5 PATCH

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SF2E: TSF: Operation Isbjörn 1.5 PATCH

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SF2E: TSF Operation Isbjörn 1.5

By Team TSF





To apply this patch, you need TSF: Operation Isbjörn 1.4 installed. Download it here;



You may also require SF2: NA but at the present, it should work fine without. It all comes down to TKs changes or lack thereof.


Unzip in TSF Folder; allow any overwrites.


A minor patch, adding SF2: NA features to Operation Isbjörn including Task Forces, naval attacks and so on.


Contains updates to existing units as well.


Contains Starys SARCASM 1.3 mod, because TSF looks better with it. We recommend you downloading Starys improved Tiles as well:

Part 1: http://combatace.com/files/file/12805-baltic-region-hr-tileset/

Part 2: http://combatace.com/files/file/12812-baltic-region-tileset-additional-seasons/



PBY5 Squadron is pretty much broken. You can fly Naval Search with it, but no briefing text.


Find any other bugs? Let me know.



Cavalier by Hinchinbrooke, updated by Wrench

Foch by Hinchinbrooke

Catalinas by Velcro2K, Skinned by Paulopanz




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