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New Albatros D.V Skin with "Hunchback" uploaded

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For this Albatros I have made a new Mauve-Green camo. JFM wrote to me, that the darker tone

on the B+W photos was most likely the green; so I used Fokker's dark green here. Then I made

a slightly lighter Mauve after the tone used in the Lozenge patterns.

Wether it is historically correct or not - I liked what I had got.


I used it on an early Albatros D.V - that is the originally delivered version with the headrest.

This was later mostly removed by the Jastas for better vision, and finally given up by Albatros.

But I wanted to fly one of these with an own skin, and here it is for all to use now.


Jasta 10 was one of the four Jasta of "Richthofen's flying Circus" (Jasta 4, Jasta 6, Jasta 10

and Jasta 11) - they were always in the thick of it. When they had the D.V they were in northern

Flanders. So, if you want a lot of action, this skin could be the right one to use. Enjoy!


Many thanks to the OBD Skinners, who created the immense output of over 3.400 skins for OFF.

I work from their original works and would have been lost without that.


The skin needs to get approval by the Forum moderators, but it should be available later today.



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