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M&B Warband with Napoleon DLC

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I posted this in the pub, but I know there are some fans here too



I'll have to check this out. I love M&B as-is but have found previous user modes aimed at the Napoleanic era to be rather lacking, due to the silly 1-man line formation that shooting units assume. OTOH, I much liked the 1866 Wild West mod because it was all irregulars so the unit formation thing wasn't a big deal.


However, I haven't tried "With Fire and Sword" yet. That'll have to come first :). I LOVE that series of books.

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I've been planning on buying this, but am rather disapointed at the lack of a singleplayer 'career' mode (hopefully someone will mod one in.)


Then I can go Sharpe-ing around Europe, bashing people with a 1796 pattern heavy cavalry sword, getting shot in the shoulder every other fight, shouting at French people, shouting at English people, etc. :grin:

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You will be pleased to note then BH...that FULL Battle lines are possible..and you can order Volley Fire!


You will both also be pleased that there are many brilliant features too...such as the ability to be a Piper, Drummer, and even play the piano! (I wont go into detail...I'll let you enjoy discovering it)...needless to say, although there is NO Campaign...and I have also NOT played it online yet....I note with interest, I have (according to Steam) played it for 9 hours in two days!...that's gotta count for something! :drinks:

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