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  1. 1. In my opinion, the pitch for most of the planes in BHaH is:

    • underdone (not pronounced enough)
    • overdone (too pronounced)
    • just right
    • okay for some planes, not okay for others (please specify)

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Hi, just a quick question to solicit opinions about the "pitching" ability of these aircraft: Actually, let me ask it in the form of a poll. Please add comments to go along with your vote.


For example, the Se5a H-P and Viper seem to be almost as light as a feather when trying to climb (pitch up) or dive (pitch down). Does this effect seem overdone to you or not? For some other planes, pitch can be very sluggish (sorry, I don't have an example that immediately comes to mind). What do you think? Is the pitch overdone on the Se5a's or any other plane in OFF? If so, which ones?


A few notes:

1) This is not meant as a criticism in any way of the OFF devs. I've looked high and low and have found little, if any, reference to how quickly any of these planes responded in the pitch axis, and I'm sure that the devs had similar luck. So, in that respect, both their and my interpretation of this effect is certainly subject to argument and debate.

2) This poll is not meant to be used as a final determinant on how this effect might be implemented in my revised FM. However, I think asking this group of forum members with all of their knowledge and experience about all things WWI air and computer sim related is as good a place to start as any.


Thank you for your help and participation.

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Do you mean turning inverted, and then pulling back on the stick? I didn't really consider G's, but there is a setting for negative G's in the .cfg file. While the G settings might make the plane more prone to break, I'm not sure it will have any effect on the "quickness" with which you can make the change in pitch. I'm primarily talking about the quickness you can make the nose of the plane go up or down. I might tackle negative G's later.

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To me, it means how easily or how quickly you can pull the nose of an aircraft from a horizontal to an almost vertical position. Some aircraft, like the Se5a feel too "light" when I pull back on the stick. In other words, I get very little sense of weight or inertia when I pull back on the stick of the Se5a. Other aircraft are more sluggish when you do this.

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