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Advice for safer "Pilot Dossier" management

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Just had to "Reset OFF Manager", cause it couldn't match it's entries with the existing pilots.


What happened?


Well, I had opened the "Pilots Dossiers" and deleted my first pilot in there.

I only EVER delete a pilot, when I want to create a new one.

I have noticed, that the OFF Manager can get confused, when you only delete a pilot, without making a new one.

If you make a new Pilot right after deleting one (without leaving OFF inbetween!), it will normally get placed

at the same page like the deleted.

In other words: if you delete Pilot No. 7 in your "Pilot Dossiers", the new pilot will be No. 7 again.

This keeps up the whole order for the OFF Manager.


In my case today, after deleting Pilot No. 1, the new created pilot got placed at the end of them all (in my case Pilot No. 23).

The space for No. 1 remained empty - and the OFF Manager seemed to get confused by this.


So my advice to everyone:


1. When you delete a pilot, create a new one right after that.


2. Just for precaution never delete Pilot No. 1


If this was discovered and explained here before, I'm sorry, then I missed it.

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I am still not sure if my current issue is related to yours or not..


When I have had to do a "Reset", or have deleted pilots that have been deceased or for whatever reason, then created a new pilot that fills his spot (such as deleting #7 and making a new one that takes the #7 spot), the "Flight Log" page is blank, as it should be.

However, if I check the "View Claims" page, I still have all claims listed for any pilot that has ever occupied the #7 spot. I am wondering if I have not been doing something correctly in the past, and is there any way to clear those claims not related to the current pilot?

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