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  1. Fascinating video. I lived there with my family from 1963-1965 and still recall a lot of old memories of what was shown in this video.
  2. Young People today

    And I doubt that they will even know how to......
  3. Just don't make it in Sütterlin...........
  4. WOW!

    I'm still trying! Gotta be doing something wrong or just missing a key step.........
  5. I need some encouragement and a kick in the butt please. I have been staring at the box which contains my WOFF DVD for 3 weeks now. Still unopened. For some reason, I am hesitant - don't know why. Please tell me to calm down and everything will go OK.
  6. Never was that good on OFF, so I am probably doomed on WOFF!
  7. Would it be safe to assume that this DVD would be compatible to play in the US as it states "Made in Europe", or is that standard only for DVD movies only ?(regional codes)
  8. Yep, that one was on the heavy side..............
  9. I was also curious. So, one day, after landing my Nieuport 28, I decided to wait, however long it took, to see what would happen next. It took several minutes, but they finally started to come in one by one. I think only one of 4 actually landed safely - the other 3 did not stop and went directly into the trees at the end of the field.
  10. Please excuse my ignorant question here. Is it possible to load just all of one's games and related items only (such as Trackir, etc) onto an SSD, and run your gaming programs from that SSD alone? Or, Does the SSD have to become your main C drive with Windows and all the other junk on it also? I guess that I am trying to understand exactly how this all works out.
  11. Tamper, Thanks very much for your detailed explanation. Kind of confusing on the first read, but after a couple more times and Google searching it, it makes much more sense. I will have to do some more studying and learning, and since I will either be doing a major rebuild next year or a new build totally, this will be great information to have. Well appreciated.
  12. MudWasp and Hellshade, you nailed it, Sata 3 only.
  13. I am running almost identical numbers. So what is the way to raise the 5.9 Hard Disk rating, just a different drive totally or a separate drive for the sim? Currently have a Hitachi 7200 2TB.

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