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I'm new to this forum and also at a WK.I simulation. Fly for years but gemodet IL-2 in 1946 in the version 4.09 m. And as far as possible according to the original pilot manuals. 'm Not so

so inexperienced in all things Flight Sim hergibt because my computer no longer ROF, and CK is not yet available, I got myself to research in your first forum FE Now my questions:


1: Fokker DR.1 not included, even after installing patch 2007 and not 2008. Is also available on the download page Aircraft not included here, just the hard FM. where do I get her.?

2: How do I get help on the screen flashes in speed, altitude, direction, etc. opponents off? As I said, fly IL-2 is largely realistic!

3. FE 1 is designed for force feedback, or you can just turn that somehow, because I have a Cyborg EVO Force, and if possible would like to take this course at FE 1 function?

4: Can you turn on the vibrations caused by uneven ground during takeoff and landings, and also make noticeable air turbulence? ...... I'm just about to me by the

Tax Allocation Table durchzukämfen to first set the basic functions and visual layout.

5: At what distance the weapon range is set, and where and how you can set the? According to reports, flyers and old traditions was in WW I that is shot at 50 meters,

tw. even less.


So I made some questions for you. Oh, if one wonders why so exactly, I'm building a model for historic airplane models photos, a relatively large archive of aviation literature, have

Type descriptions, etc., and also fly radio controlled model aircraft, which, however, as a beginner. I'm so thrilled with everything from youth that flies, primarily WK.1 and 2

Well, that's it for the beginning of questions. Maybe I know some of the different IL-2 forums. I hope now to be an exhaustive statement of course!! Blink:



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Entschuldigen Sie, er dauerte so lang zur Antwort.  I don't know if I can answer all your questions, but I might be able to help on a few of them.  


1. In First Eagles, each plane has the dates it was in service. The Fokker Dr1 was not used for very long and it is possible it doesn't show up in the game because the dates are wrong. On the Single Mission screen you can set the date you want to fly. Try setting the Mission Date between October 1917 and July 1918 and see if it shows up then.  


2. You can't get much information on enemy planes, in Easy mode, the screen display will give a rough idea of how far away the planes are, but other than that you have to guess. In World War I they didn't have radar or any kind of tracking, so the pilots had to estimate everything based on what they could see. First Eagles is highly realistic in that way.  


3. I think you're asking if First Eagles moves the control stick to give you feedback through your hands, (computer people refer to this as haptics.) Frankly, I don't know, maybe someone else can answer that?  


4. Sorry, I don't understand the question.  


5. There are settings in the gundata.ini for each weapon that control the speed and accuracy. Things like pilot experience is also factored in for enemy pilots.  It takes practice to develop the skill to become good.  


There is Forum at Combat ACE, auf Deutsch, if that would be more comfortable for you. You are always welcome here, of course. 



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as far as i can remember the original FE1 did not have the Dr.1 or the camel. you haad to purchase the expansion pack. FE gold I think came with those planes as standard.Not sure if this is the issue but maybe.

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Love the Jasta 5 Albatros - beautiful finish!


1. You probably have the original First Eagles without the Dr1, as Whiteknight says. The Expansion Pack which added the Dr1 is no longer available; you need to either (i) buy First Eagles Gold or First Eagles 2 from the Third Wire shop or (ii) register at the A Team Skunnkworks (you have to request access by email, to get the downloads) and download the DR1 which is available there, with many other planes:




2. To remove the information boxes, (i) make sure you have combat set to 'Hard' in the game options screen and (ii) hit Alt+D twice - the first time, it adds an FPS display, the second time, it clears the screen of all text displays. You can also hand-edit one of the game files to remove the little aircraft icons from the in-flight map.


3. Sorry, don't know.


4. FE does not repordice the effect of rough ground on your wheels, there is no wheel rumble. No wind effects either I think. But the head-movement effects and the visible and audible shudder/buffet near the stall is very effective, compared to other sims.


5. There is no option to adjust gun range but the 'Hard' gunnery setting is most realistic.

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