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OT: Elder Scrolls MMO officially announced

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I'm not sure how they are going to turn a primarily 1st person solo RPG into a 3rd person MMO, but Zenimax On-line Studios (parent company of Bethesda, I believe) has officially announced the Elder Scrolls MMO set 1000 years before the events of Skyrim.


Official Teaser video here



6 Screen shots (which I have to say do look really good for an MMO) and some concept art



and a link to all known tidbits



In a nutshell. 3 factions - pvp emphasized with up to 100 v 100. Keep Sieges including using catapults, etc. Also balanced e-sport pvp (Battleground type stuff) No aggro control on mobs. Seems to use some kind of stamina mechanic. Public and private dungeons. Can select pull single mobs in a room usually. The whole room will turn and respond, apparently, as one would expect. etc etc. Been in development since 2007 with a team of 250 on it.



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