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Operation Darius Terrain Problem

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I've set up a new Operation Darius install (fully merged/April 2012) and it worked fine.


Then I added the IR_Water.bmp from Kodiak's water maps download and edited the IR2003.ini to add NavalMap=TRUE


Now I can generate a singe mission that is carrier based but when I go to fly the game hangs at 80% for ages and then just crashes out to the desktop. This is even with land based missions.


Any advice?

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it's a ground object problem; there's a whole thread on it around here somewheres.


start by removing ships, and re-adding one at at time (the 3rd part cargoships, tankers, trawlers, etc). DOn't forget,too, all ships will need collison lods added


you should also turn OFF the NavalMap, as that tends to 'remove' the Primary Target tag for Auntie Shipping, CAS and Armed Recon missions. TK is aware of the issue, but so far nothing has come of it*

Make a copy of the _water.bmp, (saving the original), and paint out the naval zones.


when I built it, it was never designed with CV usage in mind -- the waters are too narrow/shallow in that upper part of the Gulf. The ocean east of Bahrain, where a CV would be, is too close to the Wall




*=the same reasons the completed Persian Gulf map hasn't been released

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