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After reading this thread regarding the use of the fake pilot to add a VHF antenna, I realized that this is exactly what I need for my A-6 Superpack. In particular, I have added anti-smash lights for the A-6A/B/E as well as the TRAM variants. Both are currently using decals with lighting "bolted onto" the aircraft DATA.INI file. Here's what it looks like now:



Obviously, a 3D anti-smash light would be ideal, and since I have no 3D modeling skills I was hoping somebody could create one for me to use. Despite the difference in placement, it appears that all A-6 variants could use the same 3D object.


Here are some pics from A-6 Intruder Walk-Around (direct scan, so they are a bit grainy):


The A-6A/B/E light:



One of the TRAM lights:



Finally, here's the decal I've been using if it would help any.



Thanks in advance for any help.

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You rock! :drinks:






Before you get started, would it be possible to have the color of the lens dictated by texture? This will allow for maximum flexibility if I decide to do something with a KA-6D (which has blue lens to make a green anti-smash light).


Thanks again!

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Set lense to tga u supplied so u can alter it as req`d,bulb and base are a jpeg.

ive set the light LOD facing down as you would see it from portside,im assuming u using fakepilot method...this look ok...attached file.

A6 light.7z


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Works great, russouk2004.


Here are some screenies of the A-6E TRAM







Thanks so much for the great job! :salute:



One question for FakePilot users: is it possible to attach the "seat" to a moving object (landing gear door in this case)?


This is my system entry, and I made sure to put this "System" in the Nose (same location as the NoseGear system).

SeatModelName=A6 light

You'll also notice that I used the AttachedNodeName entry, though it didn't do any good here. You'll note in the screenshot below that the decal on the nosegear door has the decal where the object would ideally be.



So the $1M question is whether it's possible to attach the object to the nosegear door.


BTW, it looks great once it's in the air!


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Try adding this tho dont know if it only applies to the lights,where I got it...


and or maybe


someone with more Fakepilot experience can tell you more.

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hmm I tried that but light wont move..

we need to ask tk to add summat to allow us to link things via this method so they can move

unless someone else knows a way

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Thanks for trying, russouk2004.


I figured it was a shot in the dark, as this is a hack of sorts and I doubt that TK ever intended for pilots to sit on retractable landing gear. :grin:


I'll keep the decal on the Pre-TRAM A-6s so you see the "light" when the gear is down (and it still flashes with the gear), but will get the full 3D when retracted.

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