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@Stary, Creating an Emmiter to be used as a "Light"

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Since i cant really play SF2 with this backup GPU i've been working on some things,


Long story short, Im trying to use an Emitter as a Point Light, Right now I can place them, but Im having trouble with the Material/Texture.


When in game, the single TGA Particle flickers between 3 sizes, and the TGA does not show up correctly in the game.


now, I know how to make a transparent TGA, but it seems since switching to my new system, photo shop no longer wants to do that, every TGA is either a White square or not transparent and faded.


so, what photoshop setting can cause a 32-bit TGA to lose transparency?


also, the Emmitter side, how can I get the single Particle TGA to remain steady (no flickering). and is there a way to control the spread of the lightsource without having to make it insanely bright?



once i get back to my PC i'll post the emmitter and material settings I have and a video.

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