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Hi, i have two small problems with the Engine sounds of some Fighters in the Strike Fighters Series.

In the Addon F-16Cs and F-35s the engine frequency is very high when you increase the throttle is there a way to fix this?

Unlike the Stock Aircraft, were the frequency increase is fairly normal.


My Second problem also with the Engine sounds, normally the pitch of the engine sound increases as you increase throttle,

but this only works for the Player controlled aircraft the AI planes just remain at one frequency.


I know these are not really problems for most of you but could someone help me out?

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Hi, the problem you have with the F-16 and F-35 is due to the relatively high difference in engine rpm from idle to full military thrust. You can see in the engine section of the DATA.ini files. As comparison most of the stock planes uses the J79 rpm setting and the real engine itself idle at around 66 to 68%. To be honest the sound issue is worsened by the use of only one engine sound unlike in FS world.


For the second problem it always been like this from day one. The AI planes don't play the spool. Maybe for the sake of simplicity.

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