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F-16 Demo Team

WildCat´s Holland F-16 Demo Team



To use this skin you must have F-16A_Blk1 by The Mirage Factory







--Airplane: Copy the "F-16DemoNL" folder to your "...\Objects\Aircraft/F-16A_Blk1" folder




--BMP files: If you want to change The _Hangar and _Loading bmp files copy them

to your F-16A_Blk1 folder, and change the name in the "F-16A_Blk1.ini" file.



--Pilot: If you wish, you can download the pilot from Object mods / Pilot mods





*** Credits ***



Many thanks to The Mirage Factory






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Hey, great, thanks a lot !!!!!:good: Actually it works quite well with the Block 15 with dragchute tail. I applied to my F16AM (little present from Ravenclaw 2 years ago, later equiped it with "birslicers" as actually the J- 015 was an MLU Viper) . Great pilot too, guess our Belgian and Danish friends are jealous (unless you 're planning their demo Vipers too :grin: )

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