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Is AAR something that can happen?

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Just read a thread from two years ago talking about the subject. Then it wasn't possible, however someone did make a refuel patch that uses a false engine and thrust vectoring to refuel an aircraft.

I know thirdwire is a company consisting of three guys sucking down mountain due and eating beef jerky to revive a lost art. I'm just asking if that feature is now possible. I found some KC-135s and that got me to thinking.


Oh is there also a way for me to fly back to a previous waypoint once I land at home base. In case I missed my target and need to rearm and refuel and head back out. And lastly is there a way to re-launch from a carrier?


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Fake Engine from SF1, doesnt work in SF2. So even faking AAR is out.


I think you can rearm, but not refuel on the ground. Or vice versa.


No, multiple cat shots are not implemented.

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Cool thank you for taking the time to give me the info.


I just found the command for rearming while on ground something like REARM_WEAPONS = ALT+W.


Oh well maybe some day there will be AAR methods available.

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