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HPW Combined FM and AI EW Mod

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Zip file contents: This readme file, plus the following six files:


1) Main FM and AI EW Mod 2.1

2) FM 2.1 Sopwith Pup 100 HP version

3) FM 2.1 Sopwith Triplane 130 HP version

4) FM 2.1 Spad VII 180 HP version

5) FM 2.1 Spad 13 220 HP version

6) FM 2.1 Spad 13 235 HP version


DESCRIPTION OF MOD: This mod is actually two mods in one--my recently released FM 2.0 mod combined with an AI EW mod designed to eliminate the weight advantage that the AI currently seems to enjoy over the human player in BHaH. Instead of having to worry about two seperate mods, the player now gets the benefit of both in one convenient package. In addition to combining the two mods, version 2.1 also includes minor updates to the FM of the following planes: Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Pup 100 HP version (optional mod), Airco DH-5, Nieuport 16, and Hannover CIIIa.




Important! This version of the mod is ONLY intended to be used with Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler and should not be installed unless JSGME has already been installed into your CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields game folder! In order to install the main FM and AI EW mod and the five "optional" mods, open the archive and double-click the folder named "HPW Combined FM and AI EW Mod 2.1." Click the "Extract" button and copy all six files to the MODS folder created inside your CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder that was created when you installed JSGME into OFF. The files are correctly installed if you see all six files plus this readme.txt the next time you start JSGME. After copying the files to the MODS folder, you can either keep or move the readme file to any other location on your computer.


In order to activate the mod, simply start JSGME, highlight the main FM mod, and click the top button. Click okay and the mod will become activated. Later, if you decide to activate either the Sopwith Pup 100 HP, Sopwith Triplane 130 HP, Spad VII 180 HP, or Spad XIII 220 or 235 HP variants, highlight the chosen file(s) and click the top button in your JSGME screen. JSGME will then display the following warning message: "enabling this mod 'may' have adverse effects on your game: are sure you wish to enable this mod?" This is completely normal and will not hurt your OFF installation. Later, if you decide to deactivate any of the FM variants or the main FM mod, simply deactivate the mods in reverse order.



Important note: As in previous versions of the FM mod, and any other mod which modifies any of OFF's .cfg files, using this mod will result in the user not being able to see any of the ace skins, either those already included in the game or that the user has created on his own or downloaded for use with HITR. Fortunately, a workaround for this problem has been identified by Panama Red. Basically, in order to use this mod and also to see all of the ace skins available in the game, first activate the FM mod and start the game. Begin your campaign as usual, but instead of flying your mission, click on end mission as soon as you find yourself on the field. Exit completely out of the game and then restart your campaign. Then, on the campaign screen, click "Replay Mission." This will take you back to the beginning of your mission but with the advantage of allowing you to see all of the fantastic skins which have been lovingly created by members of the OBD team and by many others for use with this wonderful simulation of WWI aerial combat. OBD has already assured us that this problem has been eliminated in the next version of Over Flanders Fields. Huzzah!



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Thank you. I have been eagerly anticipating this mod ever since you said that you were working on it. :drinks::good::salute:

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You are most welcome!


Hopefully, this will make the next two weeks (ha!) until the release of WOFF a little easier to bear.

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