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Herr Prop-Wasche

HPW Combined FM and AI EW Mod

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Uh oh. Creaghorn just discovered that while your squadron can fly the planes with modified flight models in the campaign, something is preventing OFF from scheduling AI flights of modified planes during campaign missions. That means Crumpet pilots in Bloody April have nothing to fear but DFW CVs! From the OFFlog:


??Craft Invalid! Sopwith_Pup_SQ1
??Craft Invalid! SpadVII_SQ1
??Craft Invalid! SpadVII_SQ2
??Craft Invalid! Sopwith_Pup_SQ2
??Craft Invalid! Sopwith_Tripe_SQ1
??Craft Invalid! Sopwith_Pup_SQ3
??Craft Invalid! AlbDII_SQ1
??Craft Invalid! AlbDII_SQ2
??Craft Invalid! AlbDII_SQ3
??Craft Invalid! AlbDII_SQ4
??Craft Invalid! Halb_DII_SQ1
??Craft Invalid! Alb_DIII_early_SQ1
??Craft Invalid! Alb_DIII_early_SQ2
??Craft Invalid! Alb_DIII_early_SQ3
??Craft Invalid! Alb_DIII_early_SQ4
??Craft Invalid! Roland_CII_SQ1
??Craft Invalid! Roland_CII_SQ2
??Craft Invalid! Roland_CII_SQ3
??Craft Invalid! Roland_CII_SQ4

??No Squadron Aircraft available for Enemy Flights at this moment in time!
??No Squadron Aircraft available for Other Enemy Flights at this moment in time!
??No Squadron Aircraft available for Other Enemy Bomber Flights at this moment in time!

Anyone have a clue what's wrong, or how to fix it so AI flights can use the modified planes? Otherwise HPW's FM mods are simply not compatible with campaign mode.

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