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Carrier Takeoff

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I am a new guy when it comes to CPUs, but I can usually figure things out with time. What I can't figure out is this; I have downloaded Gramps F-18 hornet, and in his download description it says that the aircraft works great with carrier takeoffs. Can anyone out there explain to me where I can get a carrier Mod to download and use to takeoff from? :help:




P.S. in my EFFECTS folder, I noticed an icon that says "catapult effect". This is from the carrier I downloaded to attack in a mission. It is modeled over a freighter. Can I use this in some way to start a mission from the deck of the carrier?


Thanks to all who can help :yes:

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OK, for this you are going to need to get a couple of things from the downloads section here at Biohaz.

1) A carrier - for this example Gramp's Albion

2) Skypat's cat extractor


Take the Albion file & extract the .zip.

Go down to a level where you have an Albion folder, 2 images & an ALBION_DATA.ini.

Take all of those & copy them to your Strike Fighters/Objects folder.


Now you need to use the cat extractor & extract the groundobjectsdata.ini from the ObjectData.cat to your Objects folder.

(The ObjectData.cat you will also find in your Objects folder & the groundobjectsdata.ini will be about 15% of the way up from the bottom of the list in the extractor.)


You now need to make an entry for Albion in your groundobjectsdata.ini so open it & add




ObjectFullName=Albion Carrier



*probably 038 if you haven't added anything before.




You will need a mission to fly from the carrier - try the attachment.

Extract the.msn from the zip & place in your missions folder (I'm assuming that you are patched to Sp3).


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Another question,

Got the CV-59 for SFP1 SP3 working in a single mission and everything seemed ok. Tried to launch with the F-14 (lightly loaded) and can't get the needed airspeed for flight? Is there an .ini file I need to work with to make it or maybe increase the ship's speed? Catapult has the steam effects (very cool), but right now no ummmph!

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