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  1. ...just a break in the virtual action

    +1, exactly how I see it. I don't really call it a "job", but something I do take pride in doing when I pick up the "hero".
  2. Geez, come back to the game after many months of not playing it, and this awaits! I still can't believe this mod, something I wished for from day one of SFP1. Outstanding job guys.
  3. After a long time spent "flying" other sims and real world aviation, popped WOE back in my cpu and visited this site. You guys have been busy, I didn't even know about WOI, not even a preview! Just need to see what to download first, NATO Fighters looks cool and of course as a huge Tomcat and Naval Aviation fan and I noticed some updates. Any suggestions on where to start first?

    There is also that Raptor vs Super Bug vid around somewhere. Skippy, sadly all Tomcats are gone.......can't.....type.....the pain!
  5. Sweet so far, I have a pic that would not upload for some reason. Shows the tail with Felix's bomb having the Battle "E" inside of it, plus 2 other awards next to the PHX award.
  6. CL, I did the same thing for 10 yrs, but with the SH-60F Seahawk. Only fun if you are actually chasing and "dipping" on something.
  7. Its not an issue now that I have the skinpack. My wireless server might be the cause I wasnt sure.
  8. sub hunting

    Jedi's right, I'm a former SH-60F guy, but ASW is actually a lost art. Not really much of dinner talk, the AF doesn't fly overwater.
  9. Nice, I guess you have plenty of ref. pics, if not I have some of this bird! Both squadrons did retro paint jobs, are you doing a VF-213 anytime soon? I already have a VF-31 80's skin.
  10. Just happened to look up a week ago and saw a rare sight, a Bone doing a "Show of Force" flight, low over the Iraqi landscape. Can't wait to fly this in WOE.
  11. Check This Out 2

    Great find, now I have something to hang in the den! 2 of my favorite things!
  12. Flanker, if you are bringing the Tomcat onboard, you'll want everything out! Full flaps and speedbrake.
  13. We have several Med units here, we just recently switched over to 1st Cav.
  14. Yeah, very dirty unless you are on the last Tomcat cruise! A last cruise Tomcatter would be sweet! Do you know anything about flight controls in this game. I noticed the F-14's horiz. stabs are not moving correctly, as far as in roll like they should?
  15. Sandbox again, I fly Medevac. Did the switch from the Navy to the Army for some reason, trying to go back to the Navy.

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