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Help With Min/MaxExtent

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Greetings, All

Could somebody out there help me with a question about some "xx_Data.ini" file entries?

Specifically, the parameters:



I've been away from SFP1/WOV/FE for a while, and am trying now to recall what I used to know.


To the best of my memory, these entries describe a sort of "collision box" around a system or object described elsewhere in the "_Data.ini" file [e.g., the pilot], and any bullets falling into that area will cause damage to the object/system [e.g, kill the pilot].

Also, I'm not sure whether "xx+1.0" equals a 1-meter difference, or "xx+0.1" equals a 1-meter difference.

Seems to me these parameters can also can affect "bouncing" on the runway (for the whole plane), and whether the plane sits properly on the ground or not.


But, I could be wrong.


So, can anyone provide additional information and enlightenment, or direct me to an easily-accesible tutorial on this subject?


Thank you.



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Copied From StrikeFightersEditingInfo.doc -


Min/Max Extent

These define hit boxes for hits by guns or ordnance, from (left, fore, down) to (right, back, up).

It shouldn't matter which corner you use... in fact, I don't think it even matters if you give it max or min in correct order any more... a new max coord is generated by selecting the higher value of x, y and z out the two coords you give, and a new min coord generated by selecting the lower value of the x, y and z

1.0 = 1 Meter.


Download this file: StrikeFightersEditingInfo and thank Logan4





Edited by RAVEN

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If u need the info for 3dsmax theres a plug in that finds them for you and even saves as text in correct format...its in sf1 downloads.

heres what it saves txt files like.













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