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Lt. James Cater

On The Road Again...

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I'm on the move again.


just spent a little over 7 months in North Jersey and it's back to Las Vegas. I really liked where i was at since the old neighborhood is now a pretty nice place and NYC and the USS Intrepid was right across the river. The downside is that rents are sky high, good jobs are scarce unless you have a specialty or have a hookup, and the place is overun with illegals that the politicians that favor over their own citizens.


Check into a motel for a few days to straighten things out in my storage unit and update certain official cards and paperwork. Then it's salvation army rent a bed and checking out who has the contracts for convention custodial work. Then it's building up a bankroll and getting things together again.

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Crikey - All the best James




Well, i've been here for a week already and seen my primary job hopes vanish after making trips around to the various convention centers we have here. Looks like i'm getting back into Culinary union and back to waiting to be sent out for applications and interviews. Good thing at least is that i have multiple state ids now and so am simply denying that i have any prior hotel experience in Las Vegas at any interviews. Not only will it increase my chances at getting hired, it'll mean less pressure at first since i'll be treated as a trainee rather than someone who has a lot of experience and has been around at different hotels.


One weeks worth of work and i have an apartment since the rents around here are really cheap. The best are in neighborhoods that used to be crack infested cesspools. They're all cleaned up and quiet now and they rent cheap since the drug dealers, hookers and other such street trash are long gone.


The future looks bright! :cool:

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